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  • Gateway Airfield, Pierron IL (MAP)
  • Details: Owner Keith
  • Times: Dusk til Dawn, Monday-Sunday
  • Must have approval

If you know of any good places please contact us and we’ll post them for others.

Powered paragliding, also known as paramotoring, can be enjoyed in many locations across the United States. Here are some popular places where you can fly a powered paraglider in the USA:

Midwes : States like Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, and Ohio have established paramotoring communities with access to flat open fields and rural landscapes that are perfect for powered paragliding.

Florida : With its favorable weather conditions and beautiful coastline, Florida is a popular destination for powered paragliding. Pilots can enjoy flying over beaches, swamps, and coastal areas.

Desert Southwest : States such as Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah offer stunning desert landscapes and open spaces that are ideal for powered paragliding. Areas like the Moab region in Utah or the Sonoran Desert in Arizona provide unique and scenic flying experiences.

California : The varied terrain of California, from coastal cliffs to mountain ranges, provides diverse flying opportunities for paramotor enthusiasts. Places like the Owens Valley, Salton Sea, or Pismo Beach are popular spots for powered paragliding.

North Carolina : The Outer Banks area in North Carolina offers scenic coastal flying opportunities for powered paragliders, with miles of sandy beaches and open airspace.

Colorado : The Rocky Mountains in Colorado provide adventurous pilots with the chance to fly over stunning alpine landscapes and experience high-altitude paramotoring.

Texas : The wide-open spaces of Texas, particularly in rural areas and near lakes, can be great for powered paragliding. Locations like Lake Whitney or Lake Mineral Wells State Park offer good flying conditions.

It's important to check local regulations and airspace restrictions before flying a powered paraglider in any area. Additionally, joining a local paramotoring club or speaking with experienced pilots can provide valuable guidance on the best locations and conditions for paramotoring in specific regions of the USA.


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