Full Training (6-8 days)

Here are elements of training that our students learn in full training:

  • Principles and dynamics of flight
  • Construction of glider
  • Basic aviation rules and charts
  • About weather
  • How to inflate wing
  • How to control wing
  • How to choose proper equipment
  • Selecting right terrain
  • Preflight safety
  • Launching aircraft
  • Flight
  • Maneuvers
  • Safe landing
  • Malfunctions
  • Emergencies
  • Physics in flight
  • Simulator
  • Towing

....and many more


Overview of our syllabus:

Day one    -Class room (theory)

Day two    -Kiting (ground handling practicing inflation of wing)

Day three - Kiting (ground handling practicing inflation of wing)

Day four    -Kiting (ground handling practicing inflation of wing)

Day five     -Simulation day ( Towing/flying without motor, Simulator)

Day six      -Soloing (first day flying with motor and continuation untill instructor and student feel confident and safe about student flying without supervision)

Day seven - Soloing ( if desired )

Day eight - Soloing ( if desired )




Full PPG training without equipment purchase $3,600 per 7 day class (equipment rental required)

Full PPG training with purchase of equipment prior or after training (paramotor + glider) $3,000 per 7 day class

Processing fees may aply if payment is card.

Training must be completed within 90 days uless you started after September-30

If you wish to progress thru training in slower pace, please check our Modular training