Paragliding Reserve Parachute Repack Classes: Ensuring Safety in the Skies

During a typical reserve parachute repack class, students will learn the step-by-step process of packing a reserve parachute, including how to properly fold the canopy, secure the lines, and pack the parachute into its deployment bag. Instructors will also demonstrate how to inspect the parachute for any signs of damage or wear, such as frayed lines or torn fabric, and how to properly store the parachute to keep it in optimal condition.

In addition to hands-on instruction, reserve parachute repack classes also often include information on the importance of regular maintenance and inspection of safety equipment, as well as tips on how to recognize when a reserve parachute needs to be repacked or replaced. By taking a reserve parachute repack class, paragliders can rest assured that their safety equipment is in good working order and can trust that it will deploy properly in case of an emergency.

Overall, reserve parachute repack classes are an essential component of paragliding safety and should be a priority for all paragliders. By taking the time to properly pack and maintain their reserve parachutes, paragliders can enjoy their flights with peace of mind, knowing that they are prepared for any eventuality that may arise in the skies.


Cost of class is $190