Experience the Thrill of Tandem Paramotor Flights – Soar to New Heights with Our Certified Instructors!

Experience the exhilarating sensation of flying like a bird with a Tandem Paramotor Flight! Our certified instructors will elevate you to breathtaking heights while providing incredible views. No prior experience is required – if you can run a short distance, you can take flight with us.

Our state-of-the-art paraglider and backpack Paramotor equipment allow us to launch from a wide range of locations, whether it be a field, open area, or beach. Relax and enjoy the flight as our skilled instructor manages the controls. Don't forget to bring your camera along to capture this unforgettable experience

Tandem Powered Paragliding Flights typically last around 30 minutes but can be tailored to suit your preferences. All flights are conducted lawfully under an FAA exemption for Ultralight Vehicles, with you serving as the student pilot.

Paramotor tandem flights cater to those seeking an introduction to Powered Paragliding (PPG). Following a comprehensive 30-minute briefing, you'll be securely harnessed and, after a brief run, airborne alongside your proficient instructor. Receive guidance through a communication radio on how to maneuver the aircraft.

You can watch some of our tandem videos here



Duration of flight is set to  30 minutes guaranteed.

For those who like to stay up and fly like a bird longer, we have "extended version" which will double your airtime to 60 minutes guaranteed.

You will be instructed how to take off and land with instructor and  learn about deflations, engine out and "G" force while in the air.

Before embarking on your flight, it's essential to review and sign our waivers to guarantee a safe and pleasurable experience.

Why hesitate?

Embrace the freedom of flight today by booking a Tandem Paramotor Flight with us!



Introductory Tandem Lesson $255

Extended version $375

Video or pictures package $119 ( for additional $20 you can have them both)


In case you like to fly with your spouse or friend same day, bring them along, so you can receive $50 discount.

Your flight will be discounted by additional $50 with purchase of video or photo package.

All additional friends / students are flying for $50 less.