We offer basic training programs for new pilots who want to learn this exciting and complex sport thoroughly, as well as advanced training for pilots who want to improve their flying skills.

These training programs are divided into:

Our training takes 1-14 training days which depend on training package of your choice and can be split in 2-8 weeks. We are not interested in 3 days wonders and we believe if student have more time to absorbe the material then he or she becomes safer pilot.

Our typical training day starts 11am and we go on till 5pm

Paragliding Unlimited is proud member of  USPPA and is one of the USPPA recommended schools.

Paragliding Unlimited use enhanced USPPA Syllabus and we have three major rules: 

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Fun

We prefer one on one or two students class but we can handle up to 5 people per training class and in some special occasions up to 6 . At  Paragliding Unlimited we ‘re definitely don’t  like things to be rushed and our goal is good, solid and safe product / pilot.

Paragliding Unlimited is St. Louis Missouri based PPG/PG ( Powered Paragliding/Paragliding ) school and most of the training is conducted at Gateway Airpark located in Pierron Illinois which is  the most friendly pilot place we ever experienced.


Student - Basic Training (3-4 days) 

Elements typicaly included in our program are:

  • How to inflate wing
  • How to control wing
  • Launching aircraft
  • Flight
  • Maneuvers
  • Safe landing


Pilot - Full Training (6-8 days)

Here are just few things what our students learn in full training:

  • Principles and construction of glider
  • Basic aviation rules
  • About weather
  • How to inflate wing
  • How to control wing
  • How to choose proper equipment
  • Selecting right terrain
  • Preflight safety
  • Launching aircraft
  • Flight
  • Maneuvers
  • Safe landing
  • Malfunctions
  • Emergencies
  • Physics in flight

....and many more


Customized Training

This training program is for students that like to progress throut learning process from day to day and hame more control over decision how much training they like to attend to.

Advanced Training

Advanced training is for pilots who like to increase their PPG knowledge and skills and who have at least 50 hours of flying time on their belt or logbook. How it works. You call your instructor and discuss with him what would you like to learn or ask for suggestions.

Cost of training:

  • Introductory Tandem Flight $255 (30 minutes )
  • Basic Training $2,645 (4 days)
  • Full training without equipment purchase $3,400 per 6-8 days training package
  • Full training with purchase of equipment (paramotor + glider) $3,100 per 6-8 days training package
  • Customized training $605 per day
  • Advanced training is  $552 per day with own (pilots) equipment.


Cost of rentals:

  • Paraglider $10/hour
  • Paramotor $50/hour (we charge only for flying time)
  • Trike 0r Quad $5/hour


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